About us

airsoft accesoriesWhy buy from Airsoft Accesories instead of other major brands?

  • We offer a lot of the same products but at cheaper prices!
  • We carry some products that they might not even carry in their stores
  • The price you see if the price you pay. Free shipping no questions asked.
  • Our customer service is simple, email us or hit us up on social media and a real person will get back to you within one day. Regardless of holidays.
  • Be a part of something special by buying from an airsofter instead from a huge big name company
  • At the end of every year, we give back by donating a percentage of our annual earnings to charities.

Our mission here at airsoft accesories is to provide you with the best airsoft gear/accessories at the lowest prices. We do this by focusing more on helping the airsoft community and less about profit. As an airsoft enthusiast myself I know the frustration of not being able to find certain items like lipo batteries and red dot sights at affordable prices. If you have a specific airsoft related item you’re looking for then let us know on social media (link at bottom of page) and we’ll try our best to get it up on the store. If you have any questions, suggestions, or comments let us know by visiting our contact page!

 About the owner

airsoft accesoriesI, Jacob Falk have over 10 years of experience In all areas of airsoft. This includes being a tech, as well as a player, and now an airsoft retailer. I was recently inspired to start my own airsoft website after seeing gaps and opportunities in the market, the result is airsoftaccesories.com. I and other interested airsoft enthusiasts have made it possible for anyone to get their hands on those tricky to find and spendy items that you and many others look for. We at airsoft accessories know the kind of products that you’re looking for. Additionally, we offer these quality products to you with no frills, no fancy brand names, and no expensive shipping.